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Our challenge was to create a brand for a new medical center specializing in pediatric care by developing a positioning, name and identity to reflect the best attributes of private medical care:

  1. Children’s medical center in Madrid of the highest quality
  2. Leading doctors in their categories delivering first- class care
  3. Extensive specialties such as otolaryngology, endocrinology, physiotherapy, etc.
  4. Excellence in service through personal attention and human warmth


Our analysis clearly recommended we focus the positioning and messaging around the idea of ​​Caring:

  1. People helping other people.
  2. People at the center of the brand. Friendly and compassionate staff
  3. Focus on the community, rather than doctors or technology
  4. Caregivers are to see things from the children´s and their parents´ perspectives, viewing them as complete persons with unique hopes and dreams, treating them differently as a result.

The chosen positioning can be summarized as Leadership in patient’s experience: It’s not just about the treatment, it’s about how people are treated.

CREZEN Branding web
CREZEN bizcard web
CREZEN Naming web

To achieve differentiation for the brand, it is necessary to start with a name in which the values ​and vision are implicitly reflected. Thus, the brand expression and differentiation are enhanced by means of both the written and visual languages — lexicon and identity.

To find the right name, we followed a rational process that sought to obtain a unique, differentiated and creative moniker, taking into consideration all the variables that could determine its success.

We sought to communicate the desired attributes in a metaphorical way, not literally, to find a name that was also easy to pronounce and to remember. Hence Crezen, which combines aspects of evocative and lexicographical names.

CREZEN merchandising2 web
CREZEN merchandising web

We also designed a compelling brand personality so as to achieve an optimal brand experience for the patients, their parents as well as staff:

  1. An environment that, both for its design and for its execution, is extremely sensitive to patients and their parents, seeking an experience that helps well-being and healing.
  2. Offering an experience and sensation of tranquility and confidence.
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