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NEOCHROMES new generation lens technology is the IOT Lenses line of high-performance light-activated lenses that provide prescription users with the choice to simplify their day-to-day by having one pair of glasses that have it all.

For the global relaunch of the brand, we developed a positioning strategy around the concept Now’s the time to make the change expressed as the tagline «Embrace the Light», which combines the functional and emotional attributes of its promise. This concept has been the visible expression of the new brand communication platform as well as the international advertising launch campaign.


NEOCHROMES:  “Now’s the time to make the change”

NEOCHROMES’ innovative and efficient smart technology photochromics instantly adapt to changing light, providing optimal eye protection from glare and harmful rays, and reducing eye fatigue for maximum comfort. Lens users will feel right in any light, in any activity indoors or outdoors, in all kinds of weather and in all seasons.

The technology is now state-of-the-art, so now is the right time to make the choice for ultimate convenience and great looks.

NEOCHROMES. Take the leap to photochromics.

Neochromes Tablet

We identified 3 key messages that will determine communications as we introduce the brand to new markets:

Neochromes as New Player

The Technology is now State-of-the-Art

The Neochromes Experience

These messages build off the positioning and are relevant to all 3 key audiences:
Labs, Opticians and End-Users, for whom we must interpret each message accordingly.

Our communications to each of these audiences will focus around these 3 key messages.

Beneath this first level of messaging, secondary messages that are based on proof points will drive home specific ideas that we wish to get across.

Neochromes_Web_5 1

Starting from the brand promise, we developed positioning options to test which one would best capture the essence of the brand:

So much part or your life

Feel the freedom

Step into the light

After Neochromes, you will never go back to wearing standard lenses again


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