3 Brands for a Communications Group

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3 Brands for a Communications Group

3 Brands for a Communications Group

Brand Positioning & Identity Design for 3 brands under one umbrella

My team was given the task of creating new brand identities for three companies belonging to a communications group with offices located in Jeddah, Riyadh, and Cairo. The project was led by BrandCode, a brand strategy consulting firm that offers a wide range of services. The other two companies involved in the project were Comma, which specializes in public relations and event management, and Matrix, which focuses on media management and integrated campaigns utilising a mix of customized services.


The primary challenge that our clients faced was to update their brand identities and positioning to align with their growing customer base in markets beyond Saudi Arabia, including Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. This involved modifying many of the original narrative elements and transition values and attributes. We assisted our client in this process by maintaining a narrative connection with the past while also developing further on their prior brand proposition. The end result was an even more distinct brand experience that allowed both customers and employees to naturally connect with the new identities.

The strategy involved combining three separate value propositions into a single coherent brand philosophy, while also setting apart the three distinct brands from one another. The goal was to reinforce each brand’s position as a local agency that serves the local clients, while simultaneously adhering to global standards and trends.

BrandCode Logo

We created designs to appeal to a modern, contemporary, and global audience. The logos are simple, yet eye-catching, featuring three bright and vibrant colours that mirror each company’s brand positioning. We then used the logos as the foundation to establish a unique visual identity for each brand, including designing the most significant digital and analogue components.

Comma logo
laptop comma

Creating three distinct brands that share common background elements requires a thoughtful approach to maintain consistency while allowing each brand to stand out. Here’s how we did it:

Step 1. Define Common Background Elements: We identified foundational elements that could be shared across all three brands. We evaluated back-office processes for operations, and customer service to develop common tools to streamline workflows and ensure efficiency.

Matrix logo
Matrix BCard

Step 2. Modular Design: We developed templates for marketing materials, websites, and other brand collateral with modular sections that can be easily adjusted to accommodate different content and messaging. Essential brand elements of each brand are maintained even with customization.

Step 3. Monitor and Iterate: We encouraged our client to educate teams on the importance of adhering to brand guidelines for consistency and to regularly assess the performance and reception of each brand.  As well as to establish a feedback loop to gather insights from customers, employees, and stakeholders and to use feedback to make informed decisions about potential adjustments to each brand’s strategy.


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